Creative advisory to industry, business and individuals. Creative direction, strategic planning, concept development and realisation. Advisory for art, design and environment based projects and enterprises. 


Waverley Council Knowledge & Innovation Hub Steering Group. 2019

UNSW Art & Design Career Mentor. 2019

UNSW Art & Design Alumni Ambassador. 2018

Sydney Architecture Festival. Ambassador. 2018

Sydney Living Museums Sydney Open. Ambassador. 2018

UNSW Industrial Design. Lecturer. 2017

Australian Design Centre Designing Bright Futures. Co-curator. 2017

Artmoves Judge. 2017

Art & About. Judge. 2017

Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS). Design Advisory. 2016 to present

Sydney Living Museums Creative Services Advisory. Panel Member. 2012 to present

City of Sydney Retail Advisory Panel. Panel Member. 2010 to present

1 Million Women. Ambassador. 2009 to present

Voiceless Council. Council Member. 2009 to present

Garland Magazine Editorial Advisory. 2015 to 2019

City of Sydney. Cultural Infrastructure. Participant. 2016

Directors Working Circle. Museum of Contemporary Art. 2000 to 2016

NSW Creative Achievement Awards Judge. 2016

NAVA. Craft Forum. Panelist. 2016

Art and About. Australian Life and Little Australian Lives. Judge. 2016

Tamworth Textile Triennial. Judge. 2016

ARTAND Australia. Editorial Advisory Board. 2013 to 2015

Brand X Creative Retail Residency Program. Peer Assessor 2015

Sydney Architecture Festival Ambassador. 2015 to present

Flickerfest - Greenflicks Judge. 2015

Garage Sale Trail. Ambassador. 2011 to 2014

UNSW | Art & Design - Kudos Award. Judge. 2014

Fashion Revolution Advisory Committee Member. 2014 to present

Design Institute of Australia Judge. GOTYA Award 2014

Makerspace &Company. Advisory Board Member. 2013 to 2018

Australian Design Alliance Ambassador. 2013

Good Gift Shop Ambassador. 2013

Dressing Sydney Public Programs Panel Member. 2012 to 2013

Art and About Sydney Life Judge. 2012 and 2013

NSW Creative Industry Task Force Participant.

Centre for Sustainable Leadership Mentor. 2012

GASP! Advisory Panel Member. 2012

Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award Judge. 2003 to 2011

The Design Files Guest Writer. 2011

Creative Sydney. Creative Curator 10 x 10. Panel Speaker. 2010

Finders Keepers Mentor. 2010

British Council Realize Your Dream Award Judge. 2010

Art Month Sydney Curatorial Panel Member. 2010

TEDx Sydney Thinker and Collaborator. 2010

Australian Architecture Association Board Member. 2010

350 Global eARTh Project Advisory Board Member. 2010

CoFA Building Development Committee. 2009

Fashion Less Waste Judge. The Australian Museum 2009

Yen Woman of the Year Ambassador. 2007 and 2008

Contemporary Collection Benefactors at AGNSW Co-Founder. 1993 to 1998

START Young Ambassadors at MCA Co-Founder. 1991 to 1996

Gallery 4a Asian Australian Artists Association Advisory Committee. 1998 to 2000

Dinosaur Designs Co-Founder, Designer and Director. 1985 to 2010